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blended sample home equity rates (see note below)  

Current PRIME Rate: 3.25%
prime rate information

Home Equity Loans FIXED Rates: Sample Range
  80%LTV 90% LTV 100% LTV

(1) Important Note:

The rate ranges displayed above are blended rate ranges sampled from 4 lending institutions.

Please note that interest rates do vary among institutions and are subject to change due to your LTV position, credit quality, amount being borrowed and local region. Your final rate may be different than the range of interest rates shown above.

Note that the FIXED home equity rate range is not tied to the PRIME Rate. We only use the PRIME Rate as a benchmark to estimate what the range of fixed rates may be for home equity loans.

Please use these rate ranges as an example of what interest rates you may expect in the market. Rates can change daily. So the range you note above may be lower or higher than current rates.

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