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Using Your Home Equity for

consolidating debt
Summarizes how to consolidate credit card and personal loan debt under one, low repayment plan

home remodeling and improvement
Summarizes how to remodel your home using a smart financing plan with your home equity line

buying a new or used vehicle
Using your home equity can lower your payment and give your the power to negotiate best price

funding college or other education
The high cost of college requires a funding source that is flexible and inexpensive

starting a home business
Your home equity credit line can be used as working capital to get your business started

managing life events
You never know when a life event requires financing — become your own banker using your equity value

paying off your mortgage
using your home equity under the bank equity program to pay down your mortgage

home equity application

you can find your home equity lender by submitting your application to our network of home equity lenders

loan comparison worksheet (PDF FILE)

Types of Home Equity Product

home equity product features and terms

home equity product comparison


Home Equity Decision Tools

home equity rates

home equity calculators

monthly payment
compare two loans
how much can you afford
amount that your can borrow
debt consolidation worksheet
potential tax savings worksheet
using your equity to refinance

home equity glossary of terms

home equity tool set

budget planning

effective tax rate table

home valuation - market values

credit reporting

using your home equity like a bank
for homeowners who need a sophisticated method to manage their money

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