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Need to Sell Fast? 3 Ways to Increase Your Home's Value

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home equity articleSelling your home boils down to offering the buyer the biggest bang for their buck. Every buyer is looking for something different, but most can agree that some enhancements are worth more than others. By focusing on the following key areas, you can bump up your home's value and your buyer's interest.


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Home Equity Tip

for the week of: May 30


Summer vacation begins this Memorial Day Weekend.

Let's start making some plans:

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5 Easy Steps for Achieving the Perfect Retirement Home

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home equity articleYou’ve lived a full life and developed many talents and skills along the way. However, your body no longer has the strength, endurance, and finesse that it used to have. Tasks that once seemed simple, like doing laundry or even bathing, now take significantly more effort. And while you want to preserve your independence and your dignity, you also recognize that you need some assistance.


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Six Things You Need To Know About Equity Loans

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home equity articleEquity loans allow the owner of a home, farm or ranch to borrow against the accrued equity in the property. This can be a great way to remodel, refurbish or fix buildings on said land. Here are six things you need to know about equity loans.


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get your home value

Check the market value of the home you are reviewing and neighborhood. It is a report you can use to structure your financing request.

becoming a bank

Use your equity to become your personal bank

  • step1: open an equity line account
    make sure it has zero fees for withdrawals

  • step2: advance yourself money for a life-event
    borrow funds from your equity line to pay for a life-event

  • step3: deposit all income into the account
    deposit all of your income into the equity account - this includes your pay and other misc. income

  • step4: pay all living expenses from account
    pay your mortgage, housing, food, utilities and all other living expenses using your equity line account

  • step5: excess income reduces debt balance
    the discretionary income will pay down the balance over time

    view this module for more illustrations

Quick Home Equity Reference

FREE 1-page map to navigate through the home equity process:

  1. understanding equity types
  2. reviewing features
  3. using calculations
  4. getting qualified
  5. submitting the application
  6. becoming a bank
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About Home Equity Loans summarizes everything you need to select the right home equity loan or home equity credit line for consolidating debts, remodeling your home, buying a new car or truck, sending your child to college, starting a home business, paying off your mortgage, or planning some life event where you act as the banker giving yourself money when and as you need.

You will find home equity rate information, home equity calculators, home equity uses, and summary information between home equity loans and home equity credit lines.

You can become the expert by starting with our quick reviews of the home equity. It will illustrate tools and uses of your home equity. Our objective is to make you a home equity loan expert, so that your can negotiate the best home equity rate and home equity product.

And when you are ready to submit your loan application, use our lending network to shop and find the best home equity line or loan for your needs.

The Banker Line of Credit (BLOC)

Did you know that you can convert your home equity line account into a banker's account (BLOC). View our slide presentation on how the BLOC can can function as a money account. Use the BLOC to payoff debts (including your mortgage) and to finance needs at the least amount of interest. We offer a 10-step plan to successfully manage your BLOC account...